Welcome to the home of young dentists.

Why come to the Young Dental Conference?


hours of CE


in Prosthodontics, Endodontics and other topics


of attendees found YDC improved their dentistry

Save money

with group discounts and early-bird specials


by both the ADA and the DCNZ


with other young dentists at our social events

Topics that help dentists excel

At YDC, we focus on topics that young dentists want to hear about. We seem to get it right too; at our last dental conference, 98% of attendees found our topics relevant.


We cover scenarios from CR’s to Crowns, Bridges, Veneers, and Onlays - so you can tackle these scenarios with confidence.


Root canals, cracked teeth and everything pulpy in between: understand how to tackle these challenges better.

Oral Surgery

You'll have the opportunity to learn best practice in surgically removing teeth to a fractured tuberosity (and much more).


Learn verbal and non-verbal methods of interaction with patients, practice owners, and dental assistants.

What do young dentists think of YDC?

We're pretty chuffed by the feedback we've received. Here's what past attendees think about our conferences.


“Dental conferences can be daunting, but the atmosphere at YDC made networking easy.”

Berenice Cheng
Young dentist, Melbourne

“It was easy to ask the speakers questions, and I've implemented several things from YDC already.”

Cihad Atlihan
Young dentist, Melbourne

“YDC is a great opportunity to discuss different approaches to challenges we face in our practice.”

James Waters
Young dentist, Mt. Gambier

Register for Australia's conference for young dentists

There's plenty of ways that you can register for YDC, but the end  result is the same: save money, make friends, maybe win a trip overseas and still gain 18 hours of CE.

$ 799

Round up 3 or more young dentists and save at least $200. Round up more, and you could win a trip overseas.

find out more
$ 999

No friends, no worries. We focus on connecting young dentists, so you'll make new friends at the Young Dental Conference.


Young Dental Life podcast

On the Young Dental Life podcast, you can hear from experienced dentists who have gone through some of what you’re experiencing now - doubt, screw-ups, tension and conflict within the practice. Listen to their advice and learn from their mistakes to become a better dentist.

Key Focus Areas Include
  • Case studies in dental specialities
  • Challenges in patient management
  • Dealing with stress in the practice
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