Here's what our speakers will be discussing at YDC: a great mix of areas that dentists struggle with, and can improve on.

Dr. Anthony Mak: Indirect Restorations

If you are concerned about the quality, appearance, and longevity of your indirect restorations, Anthony Mak will be sharing his accumulated wisdom in this area. Dr. Mak is one of Australia’s best clinicians, and will be spending time on best practices for treatment planning and execution of indirect restoration. So you can rest easy knowing you’ve done the best for you patient in regards to aesthetics, conservation, and longevity.

He will answer pertinent questions in relation to TX planning, preparation, materials, cementation/bonding, and aesthetic principles. Even if you have been out for 15 years, you will go home with a lot to implement for better outcomes.

Dr. Bharat Agrawal: Direct Restorations

Bharat is not only an incredible young clinician, he is a gifted educator. Bharat will be combining these two gifts and help you to plan and execute better direct restorations. Being the bread and butter of dentistry, we can fool ourselves into thinking we have this area covered.

However, spending Friday afternoon with Bharat will markedly improve your direct restorations and you’ll take home confidence in smile planning, treatment planning direct restorations, tips and tricks, tools and processes for more aesthetic and long lasting direct restorations.

Save your seat and learn the latest in dentistry

Dr. Manish Shah: Communication, confidence and productivity

Dr. Shah spoke at YDC 2019, and blew everyone away with his depth of knowledge and willingness to share honestly. Dr. Shah has a no BS, down to earth approach that leaves people more comfortable and confident in their own lives and everyday work. Dr. Shah is both medical doctor, and dentist; and after last year, we’ve invited him back to go deeper with us young dentists.

If you are worried about what your patients think of you, if they’re going to come back, or accept your treatment plans; Dr. Shah will help you understand patients, build connection so they want to come back, and increase treatment plan acceptance and productivity. This is an awkward area for most dentists, with some people more natural than others, but it can be learned and practiced- come find out how.

Dr. Sam Verco: Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery is a common problem area in a young dentist's career. Dr. Verco will be sharing on how to treatment plan for more consistent tooth removal, what to do when everything goes wrong, tips and tricks for removing teeth, best tools to use, and how to communicate with patients so they aren’t disappointed when you can’t get that annoying root tip out.

Everyone struggles in this area, and Dr. Verco is looking forward to helping you improve in removing teeth.

Dr. Tim Keys: Pediatrics

Dr. Tim Keys is a pediatric dentist on the Sunshine Coast. If you follow him or his practice online, you’ll quickly discover he has a gift in educating dentists on how to treat kids calmly and effectively. Dr. Keys will be sharing practical know how on treating kids in a more effective manner, tips and tricks for better results and less stressful appointments, and the latest knowledge resulting in happy families in your everyday practice.

Learning how to work with kids more effectively will make your work life a whole lot more enjoyable, and is a big practice builder- come hear how.